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It is often questioned whether it makes sense to purchase a new iPod or repair an old one. We always want the latest and greatest devices to add to our arsenal of portable media weaponry. When it comes time to weighing the cost and benefit of repair over that of replacement we need to consider a few options Apple Mobile Phone Parts Replacement In Malaysia.

Why it makes sense to repair – Repairing your iPod has a few advantages including:

Apple Mobile Phone Parts Replacement In Malaysia

o Cost – usually the cheaper than buying new or even used.

o Environmental Consideration – repairing is a greener solution. It is a less environmentally impacting process. Repair shops only replace what’s needed rather than throwing out the old to buy a new device.

o Features – in some cases there are features available with the older iPod that aren’t available in the new. Take the 5th Generation iPod Video for example. You can have video output through the headphone jack whereas newer models like the iPod Classic are required to use a Apple Universal Dock Connector.

o Sentimental Value – believe it or not a lot of people are attached to their iPods. Why replace something that has been given to you, just because it breaks, fingerprint sensor when you can keep it working for many many years.

o Repair can make your iPod look like new again – A new faceplate and backplate will have you looking like new again. Let a professional replace your front and back covers and you will have a new iPod again!

When it makes sense to replace – replacing your iPod is sometimes necessary.

o In cases where parts are no longer available

o When cost exceeds – If the price of a repair is higher or near that of a new Apple iPod.

o In need of larger storage capabilities – With the conglomeration of large libraries of music there is a need for more space.

Need for more features – We can understand the desire to move to a more robust iPod. Going from an iPod 4th Generation to an iPod Touch is a nice upgrade. The new features available in the Touch and Touch 2G are a big step up from the old photo generation iPods.

Apple Mobile Phone Parts Replacement In Malaysia

New generation iPods are getting more sophisticated. Additionally, they are also getting easier to break. With the addition of flash memory to many of the newer Nano, iPod Touch, and iPhone single repairs are getting pricier. There is no replacing of a bad hard drive anymore.

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Many of the boards have the memory in place and require full replacement of the Mainboard and memory modules. Screen replacement, a common repair, can require the replacement of multiple parts such as the digitizer and midframe.

Luckily for consumers repair options are available for almost any generation iPod.

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