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One of the great things about Apple is that their products are constantly evolving. Sometimes these changes are obvious, and sometimes they aren’t. The latest leaks on the iPhone 8 shows off a radical new design that will push this smartphone to new limits Best Iphone Repair Malaysia.

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The renders and schematics that have been leaked shows off an iPhone that has a minimal bezel, one that’s consistently 4mm around the phone.

Apple will reportedly be integrating the fingerprint sensor under the iPhone 8’s display in addition to the front facing camera and proximity sensors, which would be an incredible step forward for the company and the smartphone industry.

iphone 8 leak
The leak source also claims that the model shown here has entered limited production for testing. Apple also seems to have a backup plan by preparing multiple iPhone 8 models that have a different design which is less ambitious.

Of course, all of these leaks are exactly that, leaks. Apple has not confirmed anything regarding the iPhone 8, so take it all with a grain of salt.

The design seems to be promising though. A 4mm consistent bezel around the phone could provide a lot more durability compared to a phone that is bezel free.

With all of these new features, it’s no surprise that everyone’s on the edge of their seats for the release.

Stay tuned in case there’s any new updates regarding the upcoming iPhone!

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