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The iPhone 8: What Features Do We Want?

The iPhone 8 is one potential Apple product that is making a ton of noise this year as rumors continue to flood the internet Iphone Repair.

What can we expect out of the new iPhone? When is the iPhone 8 coming out? What will some of the new features be? What will it look like?

Excitement has reached an all-time high as the rumors point to a fall release of the iPhone 8. Some of the specific features that people are looking at include the screen size of the iPhone 8, the screen type (whether they install OLED screens or not), new iPhone colors, facial recognition technology, and more! Based off what we already know, it seems like the rumors points to some very specific answers.

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Their next release will mark the iPhone’s 10th anniversary of their flagship smartphone line. This little tidbit adds to the hype as people speculate what is or isn’t included. While the recent trend of Apple’s smartphone lines have been less than stellar compared to their glamorous past, it seems like Apple will be pulling out all the stops for iPhone 8.

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Based off Apple’s previous track record, it’s a pretty safe assumption to say that the next iPhone’s release date will fall upon September 2017. With an anticipated keynote event early in September, introducing the new smartphone should lead to pre-orders soon after. There hasn’t been any rumors that point to any other dates, so it seems likely that this will be one constant that Apple sticks with.

iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7s?

No one can safely say what the phone will actually be called. While most online sources have referred to the rumored phone as the iPhone 8, it’s completely possible that Apple extends their line by dubbing it the iPhone 7s.

Edge-to-Edge Screen?

According to some online sources, all the newer iPhone models might come with edge-to-edge displays. This would be an improvement to the phone, as it seems like most iPhones have spaces that aren’t being fully used. This combined with an all-glass design has potential.

OLED Display?

The topic of an OLED screen has been one feature that has yet to grace our iPhones, though it’s been on the list of iPhone updates for a few years now. According to sources, a few of the newer iPhone models will include an OLED display. By implementing these OLED screens, Apple can create thinner iPhones since it wouldn’t need the same backlighting as the current crop of phone screens. OLED screens also need less power than the current iPhone’s LCD screens, making it an excellent move for Apple if they decide to incorporate this technology into their upcoming phones. Besides, who doesn’t want richer colors, truer blacks, and a more versatile platform to work with?

Say Goodbye to the Lightning Connector, Say Hello to USB-C?

Based upon certain sources (such as Wall Street Journal), the iPhone 8 could be seeing a connector overhaul. The removal of the Lightning connector in favor of a USB-C connector could be a reality. However, an alternate interpretation can also be considered. Instead of the connector to the phone being changed, the USB-A end of the power cord could be changed into a USB-C end, making it easy for the latest MacBook users to charge their iPhones.

While this idea might sound good on paper, it might be difficult for Apple to pull off, as an additional change to the already radical change of a phone without a headphone jack might be enough to push people over the edge.

Facial Recognition?

While it doesn’t seem like Apple will get rid of their TouchID function just yet, a new feature that could be included is facial recognition software. While this rumor originally seemed like a stretch, Apple recently purchased an Israeli firm called RealFace, which specializes in facial recognition. If Apple does decide to get rid of their Home button, this facial recognition feature might make more sense.

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No Home Button?

This one goes hand-in-hand with the edge-to-edge display. If the iPhone 8 did come with an edge-to-edge display, there would be no space for the Home Button. While it sounds like a stretch, Apple has already implemented a minor form of this in their iPhone 7’s digital Home Button, which uses haptic feedback instead of a mechanical button.

An Amazing Front-Facing Camera?

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, who has been the Nostradamus of Apple predictions, the next iPhone could have a front-facing camera that comes with 3D sensing capabilities. This would fall in as a premium feature of the upcoming iPhone 8 that could come true.

A11 Chip Upgrade and More RAM?

It’s no stretch that Apple would improve on their already impressive technology, updating their chip to an A11 chip from the A10 chip in the iPhone 7. We can also expect a RAM upgrade in the new line of iPhones.


These are just some of the rumored ideas that are bouncing around the web. While some might seem far-fetched, most of these could have definite possibilities in the upcoming iPhone 8 model, so make sure you stay tuned for more info. While we’re at it, what updates or features would you like to see in the iPhone 8?

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